2000 – ongoing
Photographs Deborah Aguirre Jones, Liz Elders, Andy Kemp


As an artist and mentor with 5x5x5=creativity, I have been exploring children as they research their world, and collaborating with other adults (educators, curators, and other artists) in the development of processes to support, document, consider and provoke children's explorations in many different 'languages' ‐ visual, physical, audio etc. Some key philosophical principles of 5x5x5:
  • children are seen as innate and creative knowledge builders, explorers and co-constructors of their learning
  • educators and artists are enablers and companions in the children's learning within a culture of listening
  • learning is focused on the process of the children's explorations, not the end product
  • documenting children's learning journeys is our method for evaluating and reflecting upon the children's thinking and learning

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